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Specialty center for Urogynecology and Women's Pelvic Floor Disorders

Tele-Health Visit Instructions

How to Prepare for your Tele-Health Visit

1) Be prepared with a working cellular phone or computer (with associated camera preferred - this is typical of current cellular phones and laptop computers). If using a computer, please use either google chrome, Safari, or Firefox as the web-browser (others like internet explorer may not work)

  1. iPhone Users: Your phone is usually set with a default to prevent your browser access to the camera or microphone. You will need to allow these functions (at least temporarily) to proceed with a tele-health visit. 
  2. Click on "Settings" -> scroll down and click on "Safari"
  3. Scroll down and under "settings for websites" please click on "Camera" -> choose "allow"
  4. Go back under "settings for websites" and click on "Microphone" -> choose "allow"
  5. After out tele-health visit is over you can return these settings to deny/ask if you prefer.

2) Be prepared with any 3 of the following vital signs as you will be required to provide this information to your medical provider.

- Current Weight Estimate

- Current Height Estimate

- Heart Rate (may use your pulse rate, information from watch, etc....)

- Respiratory Rate (count how many slow breaths in 15 seconds and multiply by 4)

- Blood Pressure (if you have a blood pressure monitor)

- Temperature (if you have thermometer available) 

3) Make sure you know when your appointment is, and which provider your appointment is with. Please "click" on the "Start a telemedicine call with" link in the section below for Lee Epstein, MD or Samantha Reynolds, ARNP to go into the virtual waiting room 5 minutes before your appointment. Your provider will start your visit at your scheduled appointment time (within 5 min of appointment time) and start a face to face conversation with you and document your tele-health visit. 

4) These visits will be covered by the vast majority of insurance providers including medicare.  The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has opened up expanded benefits like this to help keep patients safe at home while allowing us to care for their pelvic floor disorders. The video discussion/documentation is HIPPA compliant, has no additional charge for you, is private/secure with 128 bit encryption, and your video/information will not be saved by doxy.me (video discussion portal).

5) Please "click" on the "Start a telemedicine call with" link below for your provider before your scheduled visit and input your First AND Last Name so that your provider can identify you to start the visit. Only your provider will be able to see when you enter the virtual waiting room.